Duke of Edinburgh


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award is an internationally recognised award that is highly regarded by prospective employers. The award allows participants to gain recognition for and continue to improve skills they already have while creating opportunities to gain a wide range of transferable skills including interpersonal, organisational and leadership skills. The adventurous journey section challenges students to push themselves out of their comfort zone and fosters an appreciation for the outdoors while creating memories that last a lifetime!

There are three levels of the award: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level is divided into four sections and a longer time commitment is required as students move up through Bronze, Silver and Gold. Follow this link for more detailed information: http://www.dofehillary.org.nz/Site/do_the_award/default.aspx


Students learn a new skill, or continue to improve an existing skill. The teacher/instructor or person qualified to assess their progress will need to sign off this section in the student’s award book.

Physical Recreation

Students take part in a sport (team or individual) for at least 1 hour per week over the required time period. The coach or person qualified to assess the commitment and progress made will need to sign off this section in the student’s award book.


Students volunteer at least an hour a week over the required time frame. The supervisor will need to attest to the student’s regular commitment and sign off this section in the award book.

Adventurous Journey

Students undertake training (online theory-based training backed up by practical sessions) to equip them to plan and undertake a multi day tramp. They will learn what clothing, gear and food is required, gain first aid and survival skills, learn how to navigate using a map and compass, and understand how to recognise and respond to potential risks in the outdoors.

Once students have completed the training they will work in groups of 4-7 to plan a practice tramp and finally, the qualifying tramp under the guidance of teachers experienced in the outdoors.

How to sign up:

Students can print and fill in the registration form below and hand it to Mrs Colman (Macleans Centre) or Ms Dekker (Music Dept/Deans’ Centre). $37.50 will need to be paid at the Accounts office. A record book will be sent to the school for the student to sign off each section, log their weekly commitments and for the supervisors to fill in a report.

By signing up to the award, students are committing to attend meetings so teacher supervisors can track their progress through each section of the award, and to attend training and planning sessions for the adventurous journeys. Once all sections have been completed, the record book will need to be returned to Mrs Colman for the final sign off before the badge and certificate can be ordered from the Award Head Office.


Teachers in charge:

Ms Dekker (Music Dept/Deans' Centre) naomi.dekker@mrgs.school.nz

Mrs Colman (MacLeans Centre) bronwyn.colman@mrgs.school.nz


$37.50 Registration fee

$65.00 Online training for the Bronze Award Adventurous Journey or $75.00 for the Silver Award http://www.bronzetraining.com/