Football Academy


406Football Academy Vision:

The Football Academy's objective is to provide a top-class football education to our best Year 9 and 10 players. Players are developed physically, technically, tactically and mentally to break into the school's 1st and 2nd XI as early as possible and then chase the goal of playing football professionally after they finish school.


Callum Christopher, Head of Football, runs the Academy. He is also in charge of Roskill Futsal Club (Y2-Y10) and coaches the 2nd XI where the majority of top juniors play before graduating to the 1st XI. Mr Christopher played at a USA college on scholarship and in Brazil where he has formed a connection with Brazilian Premier League club Santos FC. This partnership sees coaches visit from Santos every January and MRGS send its top young players to Santos every November/December to train.

Andrew Morris, runs the girls academy classes at MRGS. Mr Morris has run the Intermediate Academies for many years and has been involved at MRGS as the 1st XI Girls Coach for 4 years.


Players play in the 1st XI, 2nd XI and the Junior 14A team.

Training/class schedule:

The 2017 Academy will consist of:

Year 9's and 10's combined: Training x3 per week

Year 10's separate: Training x1 per week


All players need to have boots, shin pads, indoor futsal shoes, PE gear and white ankle socks.


$100 entry fee

Trial/application process:

Players are selected from scouting and recruitment done prior to Year 9. However, there is an Open Trial available for other players to attend in Term 3. Date to be confirmed and all applicants will be notified by email.

Term breakdown of units/focusIMG_0639

The following four areas are developed year-round:

Technical components - passing, receiving and first touch, dribbling, 1v1 moves, turns, shooting, crossing.

Tactical components - Football Intelligence (Vision, Decision Making), Attacking, Defending, Att. Transition, Def. Transition, Systems of Play.

Physical components - Co-ordination, Balance, Rhythm, Agility, Speed, Strength, Power. These are developed x1 morning a week at The Wall in Mt Roskill. This extends to 2-3x a week in off-season and pre-season.

Mental/Social/Emotional components - These are developed through the fortnightly literacy tasks which sees the players access digitally based texts and articles which expose them to positive role models.

Football Academy Brochure: Football Academy Brochure