Hockey Academy


Hockey Academy Vision:

The Hockey Academy's objective is to provide a top-class hockey education to our best Year 9 and 10 players. 


Mr Keshoor coaches the teams during school time.  For the after school games he coaches the Under 15 Girls team and Mr Hays coaches the Under 15 Boys team.  Mr Keshoor currently plays Premier level Club Hockey for Roskill Eden Hockey Club and has played for the Auckland Men's team for many years.  Mr Hays has been coaching Hockey at MRGS for over 10 years and has been involved at all levels of school Hockey.


All Academy Hockey members are required to play in the Under 15 teams representing MRGS.  Occasionally there are exceptional Year 9 and 10 players are accelerated into the 1st XI teams.IMG_8217

Training/class schedule:

The 2017 Academy will consist of:

Year 9's and 10's combined: Training x3 per week

Year 10's separate: Training x1 per week


All players need to have sports shoes, shin pads, PE uniform and a hockey stick.  MRGS supply Goalie gear.  Hockey socks must be purchased from the Uniform Shop for $10.


$100 entry fee

Trial/application process:

Players are selected from scouting and recruitment done prior to Year 9.  There is an Open Trial that is compulsory for all potential players to attend in Term 3. Date to be confirmed and all applicants will be notified by email.

Hockey Academy Brochure: Hockey Academy Brochure